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Click on a training code to see the list of training centres where you can follow this training. Code Description Description AV-001 Working with forklift truck - base Travailler avec un chariot élévateur à fourche - base AV-002 Working with reach truck - base Travailler avec un reachtruck - base AV-003 Working with scissor lift Travailler

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Overview of high-risk tasks

Hazardous tasks with imposed testing via accredited centre IS-001: Working with forklift truck - advanced IS-003: Working with rigid telehandler IS-031: Working with rotary telehandler IS-032: Working with rotary telehandler with hoisting function IS-004: Working with truck-mounted aerial work platform IS-005: Working with self-propelled aerial work platform (including: Working with scissor lift (AV-003)) IS-006: Docking and deploying critical loads IS-007:

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Info Risky Tasks

All employees in high-risk tasks: knowledge and skills High-risk tasks should only be performed by competent persons. High-risk tasks are activities that pose an increased risk because of the equipment used, working methods or conditions. Examples include working in confined spaces or lifting loads. To determine whether a task

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