Overview of high-risk tasks

Risky tasks with imposed review through accredited centre

  • IS-001: Working with forklift truck - advanced
  • IS-003: Working with rigid telescopic handlers
  • IS-031: Working with rotary telescopic handlers
  • IS-032: Working with rotary telescopic handler with hoisting function
  • IS-004: Working with aerial platform on truck
  • IS-005: Working with self-propelled boom lift (including: Working with scissor lift (AV-003))
  • IS-006: Docking and ejection of critical loads
  • IS-007: Confined space safety guard
  • IS-081: Working with self-contained (autonomous and non-autonomous) respiratory protection
  • IS-082: Working with self-contained non-autonomous breathing protection
  • IS-010: Working on flanges - flange fitter
  • IS-010/1: Working on flanges according to protocol - flange fitter
  • IS-010/2: Working on flanges according to protocol - with torque and tensiong equipment
  • IS-013: Measuring and detecting hazardous substances (EX-OX-TOX)

Risky tasks with imposed review in approved or unapproved centre

  • 1. Driving and moving loads
  • AV-001: Working with forklift truck - basic
  • IS-002: Working with reach truck - advanced
  • AV-002: Working with reach truck - basic

2. Working at height
AV-003: Working with scissor lift
IS-009: Working with personal fall protection - advanced
AV-006: Working with personal fall protection - basic

3. Docking and moving loads

  • AV-004: Attachment and expulsion of non-critical charges
  • IS-011: Working with overhead cranes (cable operation/remote control) (including: Docking and ejection of non-critical loads (AV-004))
  • IS-012: Working with an overhead crane (cabin)
  • AV-013: Working with mobile crane (crawler/autotruck/cruw terrain crane)
  • AV-015: Working with truck-mounted crane
  • AV-014: Working with earth-moving machine with lifting function
  • AV-016: Working with self-erecting crane up to 10 tonne metres
  • AV-017: Working with tower crane

4. Scaffolding and assembly

  • AV-021: Scaffolder
  • AV-022: Scaffolding controller

5. Fire

  • AV-011: Fire watch (including: Extinguishing with small extinguishers (AV-012))
  • AV-012: Extinguishing with small extinguishing agents

Undefined high-risk tasks

The company must define its own training and experience requirements. It can draw inspiration for this from the register of high-risk tasks, training guides of prevention institutes, guide to training for high-risk work (NL), sectoral training courses, etc. The contractor should be able to demonstrate (guarantee) during audits that the training was "sufficient".

Click here for additional information on examining Risky Tasks

Equivalence of training courses Belgium - Netherlands

This document provides an overview of training equivalent to Risky Tasks in Belgium.

This document provides an overview of SOG courses (Netherlands) with the exemptions for Belgian Risky Tasks.

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